electronic technology

As each year passes, man introduces another piece of electronic technology to bring him closer to other people – the telegraph, the radio, the phone, the Internet, Text, and Tweets – all nice, but none will bring us closer to the Lord, who gave us the Bible; not just a ‘book,’ but THE communication medium.

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Along a Path (Poem repost)

Each day we walk along a path
a lane paved with the Lord’s words
With every footstep we strive to be right,
to travel faithfully in the Lord’s light
With each step we are tested
for in our Savior we are vested
Yes, human vision
and human values
are like stones that test our stride
Thankfully, the Lord Jesus
is by our side
(Along a Path, © Steven S. Walsky, March 2017.)

Calendars and Prayer

I have a small paper calendar to keep track of the errands of life; shopping notes, appointments, birthdays, usher duty at church, etc. You could say my life is somewhat organized, as long as I have the calendar with me. Should I misplace it, I may or may not remember to buy postage stamps, or arrive at church early for my ‘I forgot’ usher duty. The one thing I do not have to note in the calendar is prayer time; for prayer is not something one should ‘schedule.’ However, my calendar does have an effect on my prayers. Periodically I will stop and look at all the inked-in items and remind myself how grateful I am to have a wonderful, full life. Jesus, thank you for all of the blessings evidenced in my calendar.