perils plight (poem)



With Each Step (Poem repost)

With each step

the Lord draws nearer

With each breadth

the way becomes clearer

Darkness has ebbed

the truth does shine

With each step

Salvation is thine

(With Each Step, © Steven S. Walsky, March 2017.)

Ephesians 5:8  For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light

Along a Path (Poem)

Along a Path
Each day we walk along a path
a lane paved with the Lord’s words
With every footstep we strive to be right,
to travel faithfully in the Lord’s light
With each step we are tested
for in our Savior we are vested
Yes, human vision
and human values
are like stones that test our stride
Thankfully, the Lord Jesus
is by our side

(Along a Path, © Steven S. Walsky, March 2017.)