The Lord’s voice

Have you ever wondered what the Lord’s voice sounds like?  The Bible speaks of a ‘voice’ greater than mankind; such as Psalm 29:7 “The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning”.

As a Christian I must always remember that the Lord speaks to us in many ways.

This past weekend, several things happened that were not ‘coincidences’; they were events that I heard the voice of the Lord speaking to me:

On Friday as I sat thinking about what to post, eventually Proverbs 15:17 for some unknown reason seemed appropriate: Better a small serving of vegetables with love, than a fattened calf with hatred.

Then on Sunday, I was surprised and delighted that the sermon topic dealt with the Lord’s message in the Bible that families, tribes, cultures, and, yes, Christians bond around the table; people who are unfriendly to each other do not eat together.

On Sunday morning, before going to church, while saying a prayer before eating breakfast, for some reason I thought about the health of our Rector, who recently had back surgery.  He had taken time away from the altar and the church office to recover; and I thought he had healed weeks ago.  Yet, I added his name to those who I explicitly prayed for by name.

When I arrived for Sunday’s service, the Rector was not there; our Assisting Priest conducted the three services for the day.  It was explained that our Rector was still in pain from the surgery and was told by the lay leadership to put his own needs at the top of the ever growing church to-do list and take time off for a full recovery. (My prayers are with you.)

The Lord’s voice is far more than vocalized words.  Next time you see a fellow parishioner smile a welcome to a visitor to your church; hear a small child’s laughter, or marvel at a beautiful rainbow…listen.


An added ‘coincidence’:  This morning, prior to posting this, I was delighted to read Shannon Elizabeth Moreno’s Revelations in Writing post that includes in the concluding prayer “…help us to slow down and listen for Your voice”.


A special prayer for Skye, of The Sanctuary of My Heartwho has been away from the Christian blogosphere for at least three weeks.


4 thoughts on “The Lord’s voice

  1. Dear Steve….I am sitting in absolute amazement that you asked for prayer for me today. I have been away (trying to get better and hear from the Lord), and yesterday and today I decided to start catching up on my amazing friends. There was my name on your blog…..To say that God is good and that there really is no such thing as coincidence seems like such an understatement right now. While my hands and forearms are still giving me enough trouble to make it hard to spend much time typing, I am trying to push them so that I can begin to write (type) again. The pain can be rough, but I am seeing so much improvement in my health and my walk that I know God is with me– healing me and renewing me.

    You are such a dear man. Precious to my heart! Please know that I am hugging you in my heart today. I cannot thank you enough for blessing me in this way. I also cannot thank God enough for laying it on my heart to visit you today. He makes me giddy with smiles as only He can when He lets me know how much He cares through things like this!! Thank you for asking for prayer for me. It means the world to me.

    • Skye, thank you. Your presence in the Christian blogosphere has been missed; and from your previous posts, we know that you have been struggling to maintain your wonderful Christian thoughts, pictures, and poetry. And I thank the Lord for His guidance to let you know that you have been in my, our, prayers.

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