As we start the New Year

see joy

Wishing you and family a blessed the New Year!

This post for the New Year, was inspired by Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge.



7 thoughts on “As we start the New Year

    • Thank you Caddo, and, as I said on Simplicity Lane, may your New Year be wonderful (to include 100 per cent 8 second rides for your riders).

      • You’re the sweetest, to remember my boys–the new season starts this weekend in NYC, and I can hardly wait!!!

  1. I love this sign, Steve, and after growing up near Disneyland, I’m truly a Disney fanatic. But these words are a great beginning to the new year…Happy belated New Year to you, too!

    • I never dreamed I would ever get to Disney Land, it was TV make believe, it was all the way across the country, and only rich kids got to go. Then, as an adult, people would say to me, ‘you’ve been to Disney World, the other place is so small.’ About five years ago when I finally walked through that arch which I saw being built on TV as a child, the dreams of childhood came rushing back. You are never too old to feel the magic!

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