faith may not be


5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. So true, Steve. I was reading again today that faith is a gift (Ephesians, I think?)–and I believe it must be cultivated, too; exercised like a muscle some days. I’m grateful that God looks after those of us who don’t grow up in a faith family–He places folks in our lives to plant and water the seeds, help us catch hold so we can thrive. (In case you don’t recognize me, Bennetta has returned to the old Caddo koala at a new blog–you’re welcome anytime!)

    • Thank you for the comment and the change in blog info (I signed up), as I have not been able to read blogs as often as in the past and changes can elude me.

      • Hope you have time to make an appearance at my party on Thursday–I’ll save you a seat, and a plate!!

      • Thank you for the invite; however I am embarrassed to say I am not aware of a party. Are you are having a party in Grand Rapids the night before the Grand Rapids Invitational?.

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