A difficult test

to love


11 thoughts on “A difficult test

  1. That is incredibly lovely and true. I find it much harder to accept love than to give it. Forever unworthy. I try to remind myself, “If the Creator of the universe can love me, I should try to as well.” It is a hard lesson to hold on to. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Boy, that’s for sure, Steve. I don’t seem to do either very well–so I’m grateful to be alone, and to have a couple friends who love me regardless of my rough edges, just the way Jesus does! God bless you BIG, brother.

    • Bennetta, I almost wrote ‘Christians strive to love thy neighbor, but can be hard on themselves. When saying a prayer asking for forgiveness of one’s shortcomings as a Christian, while we know the Lord loves us regardless, just thinking about our shortcomings makes it difficult to feel worthy of love.

      • Yes, I find that “comparison thing” is the devil’s favorite snare for me–I constantly want to be as good as someone else I admire, even though that’s not even part of the assignment!

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