One Faith; Different Vocabularies

Connecting God

Every Christian should be able to state the foundational truth of his or her faith in Jesus Christ and an experiential reality of living as his disciple.

But we will not all use the same vocabulary.

Words close upIn some Christian denominations it is expected that each individual remembers a date, a moment, or an experience of salvation.  Phrases such as, “accepted Christ” or “Invited Jesus to be Lord of my life” are common in these Christian cultures. Other Christians express their stories differently, like “I’ve always known Jesus” or “I’ve been a Christian as long as I can remember.” There are theological underpinnings and denominational doctrinal positions that account for these differences, but it is not my purpose to examine or argue doctrine.

Instead, I invite Christians to enjoy each others’ unique stories of faith and discipleship regardless of the vocabulary in which they are expressed.

When my Christian friends in the Catholic tradition passionately express the vital faith that they have known from very young ages…

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