‘Stand to sing, sit to listen, and kneel to pray.’

During the Sunday service at my church there is a place in the litany where the parishioners can either kneel or remain standing.  Kneeling is the majority, and I know that some kneeling parishioners judge that those standing are worshiping incorrectly.  Is standing disrupting the service?  No.  The key words are ‘believe’ and ‘worship’.  While organization is necessary for group worship, did Jesus not illuminate that reverence to the Lord is not measured in how rigorous one follows the Law or a human worship structure.


As I have mentioned, until September, I have been, and will be, away from WordPress more often than not.  I will try to read your posts when I can; however, my failure to hit the ‘like’ button should not be taken as a ‘he did not like my post.’  I hope y’all have a wonderful, blessed summer, and I hope, like my travels, your summer fun will be inspirational.    Steve.


‘Neath Sun’s Rays

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ೋღ ♥ ೋღ

I walked alone for many days
Choosing the world and her ways
Until one morn,’neath rays of gold,
Your whisper warmedthis heart grown cold.

No longer hiding from Yourlove,
I heardbeatitudes from above.
In gentle tones, You removed my doubt
With all that I can’tlive without…

Your Word so true

Your Presence near

Your Spirit speaking

Your Love so dear

You warm my days and soothe my nights;
Ineverymoment,I find delight.
So hem me in, behind and before~
Let me walkwithout You,nevermore.

Once imprisoned, I sing freedom’s song,
As I rise up on wings of dawn.
Savedby Your unending grace
The day’neath rays, I saw Your face.

ೋღ ♥ ೋღ


© Skye Alexander, 2014, All Rights Reserved


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Trusting God

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To trust in God means that He is our confidence; our minds are at rest, as we rely on His word, His integrity, His veracity, His faithfulness, and His unfailing love.

We don’t often hear stories about King Hezekiah, but he is one of my favorite examples of trusting in God. II Kings 18:5, says that Hezekiah trusted God like no other king before or after him.. What a wonderful way to be remembered, as someone who truly trusted in God. In the face of danger, at the threat of war from Sennacherib, king of Assyria, and even after the prophet Isaiah warned him that he would soon die, Hezekiah prayed to God, trusted Him to hear and answer, and God delivered him every time!

King Hezekiah’s sincere, unshakable, trust in God, serves as a great encouragement and example for us today, as we face life’s trials and difficulties. Like…

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